Special Events

Ice delivery for special events is all about the details. Often there is not enough freezer space to accommodate the necessary ice for your special event at the event locale or venue, so timeliness is everything. A poorly timed ice delivery can be a disaster for your special event. It could force you and your team to scramble to find somewhere to put all the ice and prevent it from melting if it arrives too early, or leave you without enough time to properly chill your beverages if it arrives too late.
Whether it be a concert, grand opening, corporate event, outdoor festival, or large wedding, Arctic Glacier is the number one choice as the vendor for all your ice needs. Our service is always right on time, never too early, or too late. We understand the importance of timely delivery, and we make it a special point of company pride to get you your ice right when you need it. Keeping your bins stocked and your beverages cold is our highest priority. We have made a business out of being the best ice providers around, and we’d like to show you what we can do.

Concerts often require large amounts of ice in order to facilitate the operation of the venue bar. We deliver the ice right to your venue, taking the worry and hassle out of planning a big ice pickup in an un-refrigerated delivery vehicle. Our delivery service helps ensure that the show will go on.

At a grand opening gala, nothing is more important than making sure the celebratory champagne is properly chilled. We are there on hand to get you the delivery you need to make your big opening night a smashing success.

Outdoor festivals are one of summertime’s great traditions, and with the excessive temperatures during this season the need for a reliable ice service is paramount. Arctic Glacier is on hand with all your ice delivery needs to keep your attendees cool and hydrated during a long day.

Many other special occasions call for special deliveries, and Arctic Glacier is always there when you need us. Many weddings have their own catering suppliers, but if the wedding you are planning is of unusually large size, you may require the specialized services that we provide. Other occasions too numerous to mention deserve the same treatment, and we will be there to provide all your ice needs at whatever special event you have planned. Whatever your specific need, don’t hesitate to contact a representative to discuss how we can best be of service to you.

Arctic Glacier has the years of experience and proven track record of success that should inspire you to make the only logical choice when it comes to servicing your event. Pure, high-quality, crystal clear ice for all your refreshment needs is just a click or call away.