Dock Sales

Arctic Glacier offers great prices on bulk ice and bin ice for your cooling needs. Our dock sales target food districts and restaurants that need bulk ice and bin ice, offering the same high quality product we provide to all our customers, direct from the factory.
Your restaurant, whether large or small, can undoubtedly benefit from our bin ice dock sales. Keeping fresh ice in bins is the best method for ensuring that your ice is as fresh as can be for your patrons. But it can be difficult to do, and buying retail bags of ice is certainly not the solution in terms of economics and cost. The solution is to turn to Arctic Glacier’s dock sales program, where you can purchase ice in the large quantities needed. It is the freshest ice you can buy, with the exact same high quality standards as Arctic Glacier’s bagged ice for retail.
Arctic Glacier is committed to providing only the freshest bin ice to ensure that your customers are getting their drinks served with the best product available. Attention to detail makes all the difference; even if the customers don’t explicitly notice that their ice is better, they will certainly notice the overall quality of the drink has improved, which translates into bigger sales for your restaurant’s beverage program. Better ice equals more sales. It all begins with the transition to using Arctic Glacier right off the dock.

Arctic Glacier offers ice in large quantities for food districts such as meat districts. Meat and poultry are fragile products, and a great deal of care needs to be taken to preserve the quality. Ice is one of the best ways to achieve longer lasting freshness for your meats, and we have it in bulk at prices that you can afford. In fact, you almost can’t afford not to come by our dock and get some.

Fisheries can be guaranteed that the ice their fish is resting upon is of the purest possible quality, free of any kind of mineral or chemical taint, pure as glacier snow. This is important both for freshness purposes and in terms of the presentation at market, where a fresh-caught fish resting on a crystalline bed of ice is a tantalizing sight to any consumer. Arctic Glacier ice provides the perfect backdrop for your catch, guaranteed to grab the eye of the discerning fish buyer.

Arctic Glacier dock sales are the perfect way to get your restaurant’s ice bins, your fresh meat or fishmonger’s display cases stocked and ready for service. Both in terms of the quality of the product you are able to provide to your customers and the economics involved, choosing to go with our dock sales makes a great deal of sense.