Disaster Services

While nobody wants to think about disaster, at the same time it is of vital importance to be prepared for any event. In an emergency situation, many products and services are required at the disaster site – food, water, shelter, emergency gear, and rescue teams – and ice. While it may not be immediately apparent, ice is one of the most vital aspects of disaster relief. Easier to transport than water, it can be melted for drinking water. Meanwhile, it serves to keep vital supplies and perishables cold during any loss of power associated with the disaster. Even something as simple as a local blackout can ruin your inventory if you do not have the appropriate supply of ice on hand. Arctic Glacier is committed to being the first responder with fresh ice on the scene of any disaster
or emergency situation.
Disaster relief through ice shipments is a priority across our company. We understand the importance of quick, timely relief when disaster does strike, and are always ready to act should the worst occur. Every minute counts in a disaster situation, so it is of the utmost importance to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. That timeliness can be the difference between foods spoiling, or between people having the ice they need for water. It is something we think about constantly, and we are ready to meet that need.

Getting your perishable inventory through a power outage can be a very serious matter indeed. While a residential customer is facing the loss of perishable items in their fridge, you could be faced with the loss of thousands of dollars worth of perishable inventory, resulting in a severe financial hit. Providing fresh ice to stricken areas is a top priority for all Arctic Glacier locations. If we can do anything to ensure that your business survives without losing the bulk of its inventory to spoilage due to a power outage, rest assured we will do it.

A power outage due to a routine circumstance is one thing, but severe storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding and other catastrophes can all cause similar issues. Arctic Glacier is committed to providing ice distribution in emergency disaster circumstances, setting up central drop off points to distribute ice to needy individuals and businesses alike. A timely ice delivery can mean the difference between surviving the aftermath of a disaster with the perishables in your fridge and having to go out and forage for food. It can mean the difference between keeping your loved ones fed and healthy and needing to find aid for them. It can mean the difference between having ice to melt for drinking water and going thirsty.

Disaster is something that no one wants to think about, but that is an unfortunate reality in our lives. At Arctic Glacier we are ready to do our part when the inevitable does occur. Our commitment to providing ice for relief in stricken areas is total.