Direct Store Delivery

Arctic Glacier offers direct store delivery to all its clients. Direct store delivery is the method that ensures the freshest ice delivered to your business promptly every time. Many competitors stock warehouses with bags of ice, then process your delivery from those regional warehouses. As a result of this widespread practice, the ice in the bags partially melts and refreezes, reducing the quality of the product. When your ice is of inferior quality, it is bad for the consumer and bad for you, the vendor. Arctic Glacier’s direct store delivery skips this unnecessary warehousing and comes right to you, delivering the freshest possible ice right from our door to yours.
With direct store delivery, the ice you sell will be of noticeably better quality than the ice sold by your competition. Consumers are smart, and if they can get a higher quality product at the same price, they will certainly be inclined to do so. Your customers will notice the improvement, and they will begin to choose your store for their ice purchasing needs.

Scheduling a recurring direct store delivery with Arctic Glacier is all you need to do in order to get this process started. We do all the legwork to get you the freshest ice and to ensure that your ice cooler is always fully stocked. We do the heavy lifting, bringing the ice right into your coolers and display cases, not leaving it for you or your employees to have to rush out and stock before it melts, like some companies do. We take care of all the backbreaking work for your ice service, leaving you free to interact with your customers and take care of their concerns. With one less thing to worry about, you will have more time to come up with new and innovative ways to increase your sales figures and bring in more customers.

In addition to taking care of all your regularly scheduled ice needs, direct store delivery enables you to make emergency orders as needed. These orders can be easily filled in a timely manner using our best in the industry logistics techniques, ensuring that you never run out of ice. Peace of mind and the confidence not to worry about your next shipment are merely a couple of the advantages of choosing our service.

Your store is sure to benefit from direct store delivery, both in terms of the quality of the ice you are able to provide your customers, and the ease with which that ice is delivered to you. Direct store delivery enables you to run your business the way you want to, freeing you from the petty concerns of micromanaging every aspect of your business, and enabling you to have the time to think more about the bigger picture.

We believe that a business owner should be focusing on growth potential and success, not on logistics or display details. Our direct delivery service is targeted at freeing up the business owner for these more important, more vital tasks.