Packaged Ice

It may seem as easy as just freezing water but in fact ice exists at different purity levels.

To begin with, the water source an ice company utilizes should be certified and tested on a regular basis. For example, an Ice company using a municipal water flow should obtain Annual Water Quality Reports. In addition weekly to monthly tests should be performed by a third party laboratory.

As water is the only ingredient to make ice, it should be monitored just like any other food product and at Arctic Glacier, this process is conducted on a weekly basis instead of monthly or even annually as usually required.

Arctic Glacier’s filtration process takes regular city water and transforms it into “bottled water quality” purified water. The water is initially filtered through carbon filters and is then processed through water softeners.

At this point, the now purified water is ready to make its way to the ice makers but first makes a pass through an ultraviolet chamber which would destroy any residual bacteria if it was to exist. The result is clean purified ice.

Ice comes in the following sizes.
– Packaged Ice – 3×3, vintage
– Block – Compressed, Cut, 300lb
– Industrial – tubs of shavings